Executive Coaching is an active, ongoing and collaborative partnership with a client (individual or group) in a thought provoking and creative process, in which the coach partners with the client to maximize his/her professional and personal potential as an organization leader.

The coach assists the client to discover and reflect on his/her professional goals, leadership skills, style and behaviors,  develop plans to enhance specific leadership competencies, and create performance improvements in their lives, careers, business and organizations.

The process is usually aligned with the organizational context, and can either be started by the client individually or in partnership with his/her organization leadership as part of their executive development plans.

Several Executive Coaching solutions to support different client needs. Contact us for alternative and custom offerings, including on-site programs.

Services packages include one-to-one on-site or remote coaching session(s) via phone or skype, access to coach via email and phone between sessions, necessary basic materials required for coaching relationship and one(1) complimentary introductory 45 min session, at the beginning of the program to define executive coaching engagement goals.


Based on client's needs we leverage SKANDHAS' Change Leadership Coaching model and our executive coaching process (coaching conversations) to assist each senior leader individually and/or in teams to establish their vision, core leadership values and goals, define strategies to enhance their change leadership skills, and ultimately lead change effectively.

Some of the key competencies that equip senior leaders to manage change more efficiently include: strategic thinking, self-awareness and mindfulness, influencing others, integrative thinking, creativity, determination and discipline, and collaboration.

One of the key elements in leadership skills development is self-awareness. Based on client's goals, we can apply, administer and interpret specific leadership style instruments, and 360° assessments of pre-defined leadership competencies. We leverage these assessments to assist senior executives in raising their self-awareness, understand the feedback provided, put that feedback to constructive use, and to DISCOVER, DEFINE and DRIVE their own personal and professional leadership development.